Just when I thought I'd seen enough tartan this winter to last a lifetime, this skirt caught the corner of my eye in Newlook... For me, it was the closest thing to taking me back to 1995 and pretending I was in Clueless, so it was an immediate buy. I think it was £17.99, either way it was under £20 so a steal. I get the feeling this whole outfit is more suitable in spring, but hey ho, I live in London so I could walk down the street dressed as Mr Blobby and I don't think that many people would bat their eyelids! 
The jumper my mum so kindly knitted for my last Christmas and it is the most Barbie pink you can imagine. My advice is pray on a family member who can knit and force them to make you a jumper in your wool colour of choice. It worked for me.
The top and shoes are both from ASOS. Please ignore the tucked in neckline... that uh, isn't supposed to be like that, just imagine that isn't there... either way the 90s theme continues with baby blue JUJU jellies which were only £12.50 in the ASOS sale!!! And the plain white high neck vest was £8 (you can find similar ones of these all over the place at the moment).
(Apologies of the colour differences of the photos, they were taken as the sun was going down for the day, so some were with flash and others without!)