Left: November 2013                                Right: January 2014

First of all, I am in no way qualified in 'gym/fitness/nutrition' so there are bound to be people who study it who disagree with me, I however am just stating what I have done. 

Ok, so my weight has always been a touchy subject for myself- so posting things like this still makes me quite insecure, and I hate pointing out my insecurities as it only enhances the way others see them, I think? I'm also not trying to be like 'oh hey look at me, look what a great body I have' because I am still unhappy with it, but this is the first steps toward a body I am comfortable with. 

I wouldn't have planned a post like this, however when I decided to share my progress on Instagram/Facebook (to be honest I thought I'd delete the image soon after posting it) the positive response and questions have led me to this. 
I started the gym and dieting late September 2013, after years are crash dieting (including going weeks only eating apples...) and my weight going up and down. The photo on the left was actually November 2013 already quite a few weeks into my fitness. I have a better comparison photo with my true size before and my size now, whilst in a bikini- but it isn't as appropriate to post to the internet as this one (hey, I'd need to be paid for that!!). If you know me though, I can send it to you!
I don't like giving precise details about my weight, but I have lost a stone and a half and gone from a UK size 10 down to a UK size 8. I was closer to 10 stone in the photo on the left, and am now closer to 9 stone on the one on the right.

For the people asking advice, the best advice is that weight loss is a slow process and takes time before you notice it, so most people give up as they think it is not working for them. 
I for one used to go to the gym/run excessively and hardly eat for a couple weeks, then when I hardly weighed any different- or when nobody noticed, I'd feel disheartened and give up. I also thought by posting 'thinspirations' of Victoria Secret models, a miracle would happen over night and I'd wake up with a body like Candice's????

For the first few months, I religiously went to the gym an hour a day, avoiding any bad 'treat' foods. In this time I hardly even ate bread. I didn't eat 'clean' as some people would call it, but I always tried to be under 1000 calories, and then would try and burn 500 at the gym. This statistically does not look healthy, so I would advise seeing a doctor or nutritionist before losing weight. My average day would consist of something like crumpets with low fat butter, hummus and pita/bread sticks, fruit as snacks, redbull/pepsi max and pasta or chicken/quorn meat. I eat quite similar to this now, however I let myself have treats- for example this week at the cinema I had snacks etc. but I made sure I worked out twice as hard the next day. Moderation really is key. I also upped the amount of water I was drinking, I made sure I tried to drink throughout the day (before I never drank water) then I would fill my bottle and drink that in the gym, then on leaving fill it once more to drink straight after. I now go to the gym 5-6 times a week on average, sometimes still 7. This is an average indication of how often and how far I run:

I think a lot of people also don't know the use of lifting weights when trying to lose weight. A lot of people think that if they go to the gym and use the x-trainer for an hour, it also means they can go home and eat what they want. So wrong. Diet change is actually the most important, followed by weights, followed by cardio.

I was too scared to use the weight machines in my first few weeks, sticking to the running machines and x-trainers, but once I started using them I really noticed a difference.

When I first started running I would just try and run on speed 6 until I was tired. Since then I have upped my speed to 8, run 2km, have a 20 second walk on speed 6.5 with a gradient 8, then repeat. Higher intensity runs are much better at burning fat, a slow jog for 30 mins does not raise your heat-rate as much as a sprint for 15mins with intervals. I use the running machine first for about 20-30mins, so my heart-rate is already high for the other activities. I then go to the cross trainer on level 10 (it may differ, sorry I am just remembering what I do for my machines) and I step for 15-20 minutes, until the machine says I have burnt 100 calories (I know this isn't the correct way to work out, as the machine doesn't know my statistics but it is just part of my routine.) Then I usually row for 5-10 minutes on the highest intensity, use the weight machines for the arms on 60KG, then use the leg machines- pressing 160KG, then I use the stomach machines and the sit up table. It all differs really to what area I'm working on that day, and what machines are free. Weighted squats are another good one. Like I say, I am not expert, I am just sharing what I do, and what got me from the photo on the left, to the photo on the right, in 2 months.