Now I've been after these shoes since about September. Initially chinese sellers seemed to be the only way to grab a pair of these, and unfortunately they only made them to a UK size 6. China what to you have against us gals with big feet????? I wasn't keen on ordering the JC similar pair from Nastygal because of waiting for delivery and the inevitable customs charge which comes with them, so I held out.
At Christmas River Island also brought out a pair ( which I bought for £65, but I just found them too high for day time wear, more of a going out shoe, so I returned them.

Then by miracle Choies my saviour brought out the perfect dupe like the Chinese sellers on eBay were doing, but in a size 7! Hooray. Although from America they arrived them quickly and I got 15% off of my first order with them. They do come up slightly big, but that might be because of my narrow feet- but nothing insoles cannot fix!

I know I have these, but if anybody fancies buying me the real deal, white or black, then go ahead. Really.