Sometimes I'm convinced Wildfox is flirting with me, attracting my attention with tracksuits with bunnies on and a vibe which couldn't be more me if I invented the brand. It also helps that Olivia Greenfield features in my favourite lookbook for 2013... that is enough said, look at the photos. Wildfox were all over this recent 'Clueless vibe' last spring, and with sports luxe not going anywhere I decided to revisit these photos and wish I was in them all over again.

Why isn't this me?? WHY?!?!??!

If you know me, or even follow me on any social networking platform- you've probably come across Humphrey and Daphne my two house rabbits. If not, then let me introduce them to you with this family photo... I am a crazy animal lady in general, but there is just something about bunnies that melts my heart.

Now you see why I think Wildfox are trying to impress me? I live in a cruel world where I do not own these items. My mind is telling me yes, but my student budget of a maxed out overdraft is telling me no. That usually doesn't stop me though.

There's more.
How is it legal to create sunglasses that make me want them this much?

...and to create clothes this tailor made for me.

I'm sure many of you feel a similar pain. 

I am waiting for a (small) delivery from the Wildfox range, so I look forward to receiving and styling it!