Whilst getting in the mood for the weather to warm up, and looking at cheap last minute holidays, I couldn't help but order a few items which I can look forward to wearing more once spring/summer is upon us!
I love PVC skirts, I originally got the pink one from Topshop (you all will know the one I'm talking out), so I decided to try a shorter one. Where I already have a baby pink one, I went for the blue- and in the skater cut. Since over wearing skater skirts two summers ago, I kind of have this hatred against them, but I thought I'd let it slip this time as I've already been wearing a lot of aline and bodycons. Missguided is where to go if you want an affordable PVC skirt at the moment, they have so many colours and cuts- I got this one for £19.99 but as always they had a promotion running so I think it had 20% off on top making it such a bargain! Same goes for the top, Missguided and only £13.99. I think paired together with some pink JUJU jellies to enhance the pink on the blouse, these items really work well together, without it being 'too blue' (says the girl who wears full outfits of pink on a daily basis atm...).