I can't get enough of pastel colours at the moment, as you can probably tell... You can also probably tell I'm wearing odd shoes. That was kind of a spur of the moment thing I chose to do quickly before leaving my apartment, which I kind of liked the attention for. (I know, attention seeking little sod right here.) I had two people point out that my shoes were 'odd' well done smart asses, so my reply each time was me acting embarrassed and claiming I was colourblind. Needless to say they both felt bad and I felt an evil villain... kind of. The shoes are both by JUJU and I've mentioned the blue pair in a previous post from ASOS, however the pink pair I can't really help you with as I bought them from an independent seller on eBay after they've sold out everywhere.
The coat I'm sure you all recognise as I think most girls in the whole world now own it, I don't think I can walk 10m in London without seeing it- but incase you have been under a rock for the past few months it is from Topshop and was £89.
The high neck, short sleeved, fluffy yellow jumper is the cutest thing and the best bargain of the century. All synthetic so no bunnies hurt either!!! £10 from Primark. They did good.
The jeans I have been lusting over for 100 years but never have my size, but using online checker I managed to find them in stock in a random London Topshop, so basically that day involved a mission to find them. £40 so not cheap, there are similar ones on Missguided and Boohoo etc but with jeans like this I personally like to try them on. Usually I am a Topshop size 8 in jeans, however trying them on, although fitting on the waist, did not give the 'mom jean' look, so I actually sized up to the 28 inch waist. 
And the bag again is Primark, £9!