First of all, it may not be easy to see, but all of these photos were taken in the pouring rain, so were rather rushed! (I've included a photo of how I looked after 2 minutes outside at the end of this post, for entertainment purposes)... drowned rat comes to mind! But the show must go on despite the weather! (I'm kidding, I know it isn't important but I'm just impatient and wanted to shoot this outfit today regardless.) 
The jumper was from Primark and only £5 in the sale so I'd really recommend it. Please before buying anything in Primark though, check the labels to see if it contains angora. I almost bought a lovely, or what I thought was lovely, pastel green jumper at the same time, but was mortified to see it contained angora as I walked towards the til! This jumper however is a nice chunky navy cable-knit roll neck, with no bunny torture involved. 
The skirt is a pelmet from Topshop and was £34. It is the shortest thing in the world but it is also very cute so I was torn. If you read the online reviews everybody seems to love it, stating how 'Clueless' it is, but they also recommend sizing up a size or two, which I did not do! So it could look better with a bigger fit. 
And finally the shoes are the Bastille's by Kurt Geiger and I have included more info about them on a post or two below! 

...the things I do for blogging!