I'm really embracing wearing colour and experimenting with colours after a phase of monochrome which lasted far too long. This gorgeous chiffon lilac shirt is by Missguided and was out of stock forever, until suddenly after refreshing each minute, every hour, all day, for about 5 days, it finally was back in stock! For only £17.99 I love it. I've been wearing it with my favourite purple lipstick by Collection 'Little Mix Perrie', and experimenting on the bottom half. I've found it works well tucked in, or left loose- as I try to show by these photos. The lilac tartan skirt may look a little odd in these photos, but unfortunately I bought it before my fitness kick so it is a bit big for me now! I bought this from Topshop in Autumn at some point, and I think it was £34- it is still available in some stores I've seen recently, even if sold out online, but even still you can search on eBay! The boots worn in all outfits are the Dioon boots by Vagabond, which I love and are my go to shoes at the moment, even if the men at the pub I worked at over Christmas said I looked like I should be going down the mines when I'm wearing them... They also called them 'terrible' quite a few times. Ahem. The coat you can see is the faux fur bomber by Topshop which was £68 and so worth it because it is the softest, cosiest, thing in the world. And the lilac velvet leggings were off eBay, I bought these a few months ago just by searching 'velvet leggings' into eBay, but again velvet leggings are in store in the high-street and can be found on Boohoo/Missguided etc!


I've just added a few extra photos here of how else I style the lilac tartan skirt. As it has a mustard colour going through it, I've paired it with a goldish satin cami- these are basically everywhere on the highstreet but this one was from Topshop and £20 I think.