***edit*** I've since worn this outfit again and have take a few better photos!

Bit of a change of scenery- I'm home on the Isle of Wight for the weekend so trusted my mum to take some photos... first of all I'll thank her, as these are ok, but secondly I'll say how painful it was to let her use my camera. Problems holding it, problems with all the photos out of focus, problems cutting parts of me off in the photos, problems of me not being in the photos at all... who thought auto mode could be so difficult? I can't say the angle is my greatest either, but she is 5ft (4ft 11...) so that is why!! I sound ungreatful (I'm not) but freezing my ass off outside for an hour does evil things to you. 

Either way, purple purple purple and finally a Stella McCartney dupe in UK size 7 (I will talk about those in another post, but they were £65 from Choies). 
This skirt I ADORE, it's in the Missguided sale for £9.09 (the 9p is weird isn't it?), and soooooo worth it. It feels and looks so expensive on, very much like the satin ones Topshop were stocking for £70+. I'm not a fan of skater skirts (she says, then in the next post I will be wearing one...) but this is a box pleat fit which I just love, very narrow on the waist and flares at just the right bit. 
The high neck lilac top is also from Missguided (they're getting it sooo right at the moment!) and has again the Clueless vibe which I'm loving at the moment. For £14.99 I couldn't not buy it.

p.s I promise I'm not really that ghostly pale!!!