Recently I've had a lot of people asking what make-up I use on my cheeks, so I thought I'd just write a short post for those wondering.
There's no secret, it is just cheap and cheerful make-up from MUA! This time last year I was such a make-up snob, but now I love finding high-street buys which I personally find better than higher end products! I think it may help that with my weight-loss it is quite noticeable from my face!

These are the two products I use to create my novice 'contouring' - I really am no make-up expert!! Personally I sometimes think I overdo the highlighting and look like part of the Cullen family when in the sunshine! 
They are both from MUA which can be found in Superdrug (10% off for students!!) or on their website, and ar£3 each, but I think I got mine 3 for 2, so even cheaper!!