A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be dropped an email by CAGECITY asking whether I'd be interested featuring in their 'blogger meets' section... of course I said yes! As a new blogger of 2014, anything like this is still so new and exciting for me, so I really enjoyed the whole experience. Basically it meant a day of dress up in their studio, choosing 6 of my favourite outfits, which you can see below! I don't think the lighting did me any favours, and the camera definitely did add 20 pounds this day... but CAGECITY really has some amazing pieces! I particularly liked the handmade section (I'm wearing a white mesh shirt designed by a student), because the pieces are more unique! There's nothing worse than sporting your favourite items and bumping into 20 people into town wearing the same! It turns out I'm a fan of MinkPink too by the looks of my choices! 

For me I loved that they catered for people who wanted to stand out! As you may have noticed I wear a lot of colour and am not afraid to attention seek with my outfits, which is exactly what CAGECITY is about. Individuality and expressing yourself! I think I spent forever choosing my six outfits because I really was spoilt for choice. My favourite item has to be the fluffy black and white coat found here, yes you may be thinking 'wow that looks nice' but wait until you touch it!!!! It felt like a dream of softness.

I also was interviewed by CAGECITY, you can find that and the whole feature here!