I was working most of the weekend, but managed to pop over to Somerset House briefly Friday and Monday, as I oh so conveniently, live walking distance from there! I couldn't keep away if I'm honest, although I'm new to this blogging and fashion malarky, I was like a moth to a flame!
These photos are from the Friday, as I had Anastasia and her camera at hand, whereas Friday was pouring with rain and I had far too much trouble keeping hold of my umbrella to take photos! I had quite a few taken by other people though, so if you see any pop up let me know, likewise for Monday! 
Despite the rain, Friday was lovely. It meant connecting with bloggers/youtubers which before I'd only seen on screen! Monday was more about getting myself out there. I can't believe the amount of people I spoke to, or came up to me, knowing I was Charlotte Fisher and saying they read my blog/followed me on Instagram! Literally I was so surprised, being new in the game, I certainly wasn't expecting it!! Comment me below if you were one of these people!!

For some reason these photos happened. It was not by choice, although the police men seemed to enjoy it, look at THAT pout. According to Anastasia 'all English girls take photo with officer' - I had to explain, no, drunk girls take photos with police men!!!

As for the outfit, I'm basically a Topshop mannequin! Topshop two piece which I fell in love with as soon as I saw it. I'm not lying, I don't know the price... I couldn't face looking!! The blazer is £55 and also from Topshop- the bag, Primark and only £9 which I think is a steal!! Although it does leave your belongings very black inside... my baby pink matte Macbook pro case is now ruined! And the shoes are by Choies, which I've already written a post about.