As I was doing my routine Primark rummage my peripheral vision locked onto this amazing co ord in the distance. Pink + co ord + only £14 meant it was destined to be. If you aren't as pink lovin' as me it also comes in black!!! It might not be everybody's taste, but as you can probably imagine it is mine! (And the other 500 people's who liked it on my instagram!)
The bag is also Primark and £8! Size wise I had to get a 6 in this, so I suggest sizing down. The cut is very nice though, I like how the top is a nice shape, rather than just a basic crop vest.
The sandals I'm wearing are an ASOS buy, and I love them. I needed some white shoes so I ordered these and some white boots. I was lacking an 'ugly' statement pair of sandals and these suit me fine- I was going to get the Vagabond ones but I think I prefer these and for £42 they are much cheaper. They also come in black which when I'm paid I think I'll get. The link for the sandals is here

Also I must apologise for the close up of my horrible big feet, nobody needs that.