After seeing how the photos from Somerset House turned out, I decided to try and make the effort of more street-style-y photos for my outfits. Using the opportunity of being on the Isle of Wight for a few days, as I needed a break from London life, I have tried to take photos in some cool locations! These ones are taken in the seaside town Cowes, where a yearly sailing regatta takes place in the first week of August. 

The two piece I'm wearing was sent to me by the lovely girls at Wear It N Share It where they have loads of lovely hand made pieces and vintage wear! This is such a cute outfit and no doubt will be getting lots of wear once it warms up... as you can image I was freezing my nips off here!! All in the name of blogging! 
The jacket is just a vintage Levi one I picked up on eBay for about £25 and is 100 times too big, but a classic in my wardrobe. 
Shoes the white Vagabond Dioons. and the 'Charlotte' bag again by the amazing La Moda and can be found here for only £15! Seriously if you aren't following La Moda on instagram or twitter, check them out. Their up-coming shoes are insane!!! Going to have to invest in them all!!