Needless to say these pant shorts really are tiny and this outfit isn't really suitable until it warms up!! However there's nothing stopping you styling something similar with tights- I'm loving glittery tights/white tights atm (and if you know me I'm an anti tights kinda gal who goes bare leg most days of the year)! 
I keep featuring these jumpers but I really love them, for £10 (Primark) they've been so versatile with many outfits! Fluffy yellow bag, fluffy yellow jumper. What's not to love unless you don't like looking like a baby chicken? 
The pant shorts were a Topshop sale buy a couple summers ago, but I have seen them pop up on eBay if you are brave enough to wear something so skimpy this summer!!
I took this outfit the other day whilst styling these new ASOS sandals, so sorry if it is quite similar to what you've already seen!