Never a dull moment with the outfits I'm sporting these days! I feel London is a blur of navy/grey/black most days, especially on the tube in morning/evening- so I like to stand out a bit! Admittedly I get some funny looks, but it is always refreshing when a stranger compliments your outfit.
I've gone for the yellow gingham Boohoo top again, but this time matching it with this beautiful Topshop skirt. I walked away from this skirt several times, but then ended up caving in and ordering it. Doh. It is £48 so quite pricey, but it stole my heart the second I saw it in Topshop. Curse you Topshop!!! The coat is also Topshop, and was in the sale for around £30- it's a size 6 because that's the only size they had but I think it must be quite oversized as it fits just fine!
The bag yet again is from River Island and probably my most complimented item!
And the shoes are the pink JUJU jellies, which hopefully will be available again soon this spring!