I often get questions on my hair - is it real? Yes. Is it your natural colour? Not quite.I have the top section highlighted, but I am naturally fair. How often do you get it cut? Every 5-6 weeks, for the tiniest trim.

Before Christmas I was approached on Oxford Street to model last minute for a TONI & GUY hair show as one of the models had pulled out. I agreed and in turn got free highlights, and a free trim! If like me, you live in London, you'll know how expensive it is to get your hair done!!! I think it actually worked out cheaper before for me to get a train and then boat, to the Isle of Wight and get my hair done there! 

Since that show the lovely Maria, who I believe is one of the people in charge of the academy on Tottenham Court Road, has kept me in contact for future events. She is always looking for models, so if you're interested I will leave all the contact details in the end! Some is paid work, some is volunteer - but you will get your hair done for free. It is always worth contacting, because even if you are not needed as a model, you could have your hair done for a very small price, for a high standard! 

The very lovely and talented Sam sorted me out with a few highlights through my T Section, and gave me a nice beige toner throughout to eliminate any brassiness! My hair is looking the freshest in a long time!

Next I had my hair trimmed, shaped and styled in front of a seminar group by Barbara. She opted for the Giles Deacon rope braid, which takes two people to create, and a LOT of resurrection dust! I also had pink tips done! I am the most boring person when it comes to hair, I have one style... wake up, brush it, leave it down... so I love seeing what other people can do with my hair! 

This is the style my hair was inspired by (from the official TONI & GUY magazine):

And this was the final outcome (after battling monsoon like weather on Oxford Street!!!):

Like I said, the academy are always looking for models, so if you would like to perhaps get your hair done for free, or for a very small price, or even get paid to have your hair done (it is as great as it sounds) send a photo of yourself with your hair on show to Mazgalati7@hotmail.com!