The other day I was feeling unnecessarily sorry for myself, and as the sun was shining, to cheer me up my boyfriend suggested we made lemonade! I also have my new camera lens, so I decided to record our simple steps and share it with anybody who cares - as DAMN that lemonade was refreshing whilst sat enjoying the sun. 

You will need:
4 lemons
An empty bottle/jug
A sieve
A knife
Penguin shaped (not nessessary) ice cubes

Step one: man handle the lemons! 

Step 2: attack the lemons - if you don't have a juicer thingy-ma-jig, a fork works well, and some good all squeezing with your hands! Collect all the juice into a jug or glass- don't worry about the pips, you can sieve these out later!

Continue this step until all 4 lemons are nothing by limp zesty skins.

Sieve out any unwanted pips!

Add the lemon juice to your bottle (we used a 2 litre for 4 lemonds), and fill with water.

Add sugar, and shake! Continue this proces until the lemonade is sweet enough for you! Don't over do it to start with though, nobody wants all that lemon-juicing-energy to have gone to waste!

Add ice cubes, these penguin ones are particularly great. Then pop in the freezer for a few minutes, or fridge if you're saving it for later!