The design duo , Natalie Finch and Patricia Williams presented new ranges ‘METRO’ & ‘BARBER’ inspired by British classics in a creative new take on sustainable design; using colour and shape inspired by London Tube maps & ‘Old English’ heritage. All pieces are laser cut and hand worked in Britain, using materials that are responsibly sourced from reclaimed materials.

I've never heard of sustainable sunglasses before so it was something new for me! 

Of course, this pug won my heart!!!

The BARBER collection draws on ideas of  'Old English' heritage through rich colour ways and textures. Drawing on traditional culture, from iconic styles, to vintage interiors; with a focus on wearability and opening up the range for more of an androgynous feel.
Using the Termite BASE frame as their signature style, and the foundation of this collection, the designers have developed the frame to be sliced, reverted and manipulated into the new frame variations. The result is an almost futuristic frame style with an almost 50's silhouette their very own modern take on the past.

As I'm sure you can probably imagine, these three were my favourites:


The METRO collection takes inspiration from the infamous London tube map through use of colour, and fluid lines exploring new frame shapes. This underground muse is ever apparent in the colours and frame names of this collection. The designers used this as a basis and the start of a project to home in on the idea of what makes London 'London'.
By using bright primary colours and alongside the raw layered edges of reclaimed Birchwood, the designs feel industrial, and their abstract shapes put forward a fresh take on modern mechanical style. The rounded frames and curved variation in the arms are a testament to the laser-cutting process and the progression in hand-manufacture, and add to that the high gloss finishing with the exposed raw layers of the stacked wood and TERMITE EYEWEAR have successfully developed a creative, and playful aesthetic with a powerful statement.