Whenever I wear my white canvas Vagabond Dioons, I ALWAYS get asked 'where did you get those?' before I would just say eBay. I was begrudged to spend £65 on a pair of WHITE canvas boots, which would get dirty quickly and I'd inevitably fall out of love with within a week, which is why I ordered from eBay. However, weeks have passed and I am still very much in love with them, but unfortunately like expected the white canvas is not so white anymore.

The leather versions were £90 everywhere I looked, for example Office- and I remember I only spent £60-£70 on my black pair... it was just remembering where I ordered them from. After going through hundreds of emails, I found it was Master Shoe.
I could not believe my eyes to find so many beautiful Vagabonds but with the lowest prices I've seen- the white leather Dioons only £69.99 from here.

Mine arrived in 2 days (free delivery!!!) and I couldn't be happier!

I next have my eyes on this pair...
So. Damn. Beautiful. 
You can find these here.

AND to make things better, I have a little treat for any of you shoe addicts like myself. I have two promo codes for Master Shoe, if you spend over £49.99 use the promo code TIDTAB5 at the checkout to receive £5 off, and if you spend over £99.99 use the promo code TIDTAB10 to get £10 off... you can thank me later!