I'm not a fan of my trouser choice in these photos, as I didn't realise the shoes were an off-white and my OCD self can't bare the clashing. 

However the jacket and bag, I LOVE.

Last week VERY held an event (I write a full post on it) where I was told I could pick an item or two to come away with. As I'm in this spring-yellow-loving phase, I had to pick this jacket! you can find it here

I was also contacted by GRAFEA during the week, seeing if I'd like to try out one of their leather back packs. As soon as I clicked the link I almost died!!! I could not believe how beautiful these bags were. I went for the newest in which is the 'Candy Crush' and can be bought, or looked lovingly at, here. The bags are more pricey than your average highstreet bag, however you can certainly tell the quality when it arrives! The leather is so thick and the bag so well shaped. Each stitch perfectly placed. This isn't going to break after a weeks use and I think would be a timeless investment.

My shoes and trousers are both ASOS- the jeans I've already mentioned and are DIY by myself, but the shoes you can find in black or white here. I've wanted these shoes for so, so, so, long and was more than happy when they came back in stock!

And finally, the shirt is by Missguided and also comes in blue!