There's no way I'm going to moan about the sun today, because it was b-e-a-utiful, however I merely am going to state, the sun is the reason for my somewhat odd expressions in these photos...

I fell in love with the ripped ASOS Ridley jeans in white, but they sold out and refreshing 'back in stock' repetitively on ASOS was achieving anything.
Instead I ordered the basic version (also £30 found here) and decided to distressed the jeans myself with a nail file... this is the result! I am smugly happy with them and have received quite a few compliments on them, maybe A Level art finally has paid off.

Yes, that is another pink coat. I could't resist!!! It is a brighter shade than my Topshop one and a slightly different cut. What can I say? I'm a sucker for pink coats. This one was £45 from Boohoo (found here) which I think is a reasonable price!

The vest is just a basic baby pink ribbed vest from Topshop, and the shoes are my trusty 'Barbie' shoes by Kurt Geiger!

It got to the point where I had to say 3, 2, 1 OK SHOOT I'LL OPEN MY EYES... it kind of worked... SO SUNNY!!