So first of all you may notice my hair is slightly different today... SHOCK! It is a failed bouffant to be fair. No amount of backcombing was helping me today I'm afraid. However you may notice I have more thicker and hair featuring some layers today! That is because I'm wearing a hair piece (I'd call them extensions... but have you seen my hair?! It can't really be extended...) which matches perfectly to my hair. The lovely ladies at DIRTY LOOKS offered me an option of choices to try out, and seeing as I hadn't seen a blogger review them yet, I chose the Bobby Glam Bouffant (found here). I think for my hair it worked perfectly, it thickened my hair out, gave me volume, and added a few bouncy layers into my hair! I would really recommend this hair piece, it works as an extension for those with shorter hair too! I've added some photos taken from behind to show off the hair and how well it blends too, do not mistake these photos for booty shots!

Now for the outfit. This two piece is something else! Newlook did good. We all know I'm no stranger to two pieces, nor the colour pink. I love what Newlook have got in stock right now, and it's the first time I've really started shopping from there! I made a big order last week, so keep an eye out for more posts! I think the items have great quality, but for a lower price than other high street shops which sell similar things, not naming any names beginning with T...
The skirt can be found here for £14.99 and the top can be found here for £9.99 - bargain!

The white Primark blazer is back again, £19 if I do recall and is still available in store, the bag LAMODA which is £20 and found here, and the shoes are Vagabond and can be found here (remember on Master Shoe - if you spend over £49.99 use the promo code TIDTAB5 at the checkout to receive £5 off, and if you spend over £99.99 use the promo code TIDTAB10 to get £10 off!