I'm sure you're all not surprised to see more pink... I just can't help it! I'm sorry! I am like a moth to a flame when it comes to candy colours and in particular pink. I'm sporting a few Newlook items again today as I'm so impressed with their new collection, it is as if it is made for me! Well, almost.
Firstly you may notice yet again more jelly shoes, I have lost count of how many pairs I own now! I saw these in Newlook, more like I was drawn to them from across the room, deciding these were just such a nice baby pink that I could not say no, only £14.99 too! You can find them here.

The blazer again Newlook, and I think it complements the shoes perfectly! It was £24.99 which I think is very reasonable, especially considering I got student discount on top! I really love blazers right now, and think they'll be the perfect in-between jacket for spring/summer. You can pink this one up (it is also available in blue) from here.

The trousers again are a very 'asked about' item of mine, and they are the gingham Joni jeans by Topshop. I love the Joni jeans as I've found them to be the best fit for my body shape, and this print just makes them stand out. You can pick these up here.
The top again is Topshop and I found it in-store last week and picked it up no regrets. It was £22 which I think is quite pricey for a bralette but at the end of the day it was so perfect for me I could not say no! It is found here.

(I look incredibly grumpy in some of the photos as some 'lovely' builders decided to start whistling at me and making remarks!!!)