Going to state I wasn't trying to look like some kind of hussy in these leather hotpants, nor do I think I have the legs for them... HOWEVER the leather trousers (see Topshop wishlist) I desperately want are always out of stock, so to create the look I had in my head I had to opt for the leather shorts. I'm sorry. 
The shorts are old Topshop, I actually got them on eBay for about £7! Maybe they made the girl selling them feel obese too. Actually, I've just realised most of this is Topshop... well that's awkward. So yes, the top is also from Topshop and the top is a two piece in store recently, I think it was £32. 
The SHOES, the shoes are my new loves. I spent Saturday at work daydreaming for it to be 7pm and for me to be finishing and getting my butt over to Oxford Circus to buy them. They were £72 so quite pricey but I think they're so beautiful and the leather is soft so it makes them super comfy. Personally I think they look great with skinny jeans, I've been wearing them with my ripped white pair!
And the coat is the Boohoo one I mentioned previously, with the link, which was £45 and my new favourite!