After recieving this gorgeous mint watch from Olivia Burton, I couldn't help but feel inspired to wear some minty tones!
A very floaty and feminine outfit from me... topped off with laced chunky boots... whoops!

My bottom half, to my mum's relief is actually shorts and not a very skimpy skirt! It's different to anything else I own and couldn't resist it. You can pick it up here from Topshop for £32. I've paired it with an older Topshop cami with a matching chiffon-y material. For me dusky pink and pink are a match made, but I equally think mint looks great just against white!
The boots are also Topshop. I ALWAYS get asked about these, but unfortunately I think they sold out in a ridiculous time... so eBay is the only resort now!

And the very asked about mint longline coat from Choies can be found here, I suggest sizing up if you have any doubts!