It is no secret that I am a fan of Pretty Little Thing, one of my favourite shopping websites to discover this year! I have featured them a few times already, so when I saw they had a 'blogger competition' I thought hell, I'd join in for the fun, whilst doing so making a wishlist!

It's all in good fun so I'd suggest entering! It also gives PLT a little more recognition for it's beautiful products... (I hope all these compliments get me brownie points!! Haha, just kidding!) 

I based my outfit around an item I already own (see below) the Clara silk bomber

I have a love/hate relationship with cut out boots, but these I think are magnificent! I love lace up boots, but they're often a pain in the butt when in a hurry/when shopping and trying on outfits, so I love the zip at the back of these!

I am obsessed with pearlescent right now (I have just had my nails done in pearlescent shellac!) so this skirt is so up my street.

White crops, like this one are such a good staple and so versatile. The embossed pattern gives it that extra interesting edge. In this case I think it would work very well with the pencil skirt and match the boots!

Finally, how gorgeous is this bag?! I think it would match the skirt/jacket and tie the whole outfit together nicely. 

Almost forgot - lashes would also make this outfit a little more glam, along with these pink earrings!