One of the most commonly asked questions I get on instagram is 'How are you so tanned?'! Truth be told I am naturally quite dark skinned, my legs all year round seem to stay super dark, whilst the rest of me fades in the winter months. You'll probably always notice that my legs are a lot darker than the rest of me! HOWEVER, sometimes I cheat a little and go slightly darker for events or nights out.

Before Christmas I cringed at the thought of fake tan, I've seen too many tan disasters in my time with girls either looking like tangerines or mud monsters. My boyfriend's mum actually bought me a St Tropez face and body instant wash off tan for Christmas, apprehensively I tried it and ended up absolutely loving it!
After seeing mentions of 'Cocoa Brown' on Youtube and Twitter I decided to try it for myself. I bought mine in Primark for £7.99 (considerably cheaper than the other 'good' fake tans) and I haven't looked back since! It is also stocked in Superdrug if you don't live near a Primark! 

The best thing about this tan is that it develops nicely within an hour and doesn't have that weird sweet biscuity smell which most fake tans seem to have. It smells very fresh, and where it is a mousse it can be applied super easily and quickly!

Where I am already quite dark in the legs and I am a perfectionist who wanted to shoot the photos myself, I asked the assistance of my (noble) flat mate Anastasia. She went through an hour of looking like Ross in the episode of Friends where the mystic tanner goes wrong!!A review is a review, but I wanted to try and capture some photo evidence of this tan working it's magic.

 Anastasia's legs prior to application. (Oooh la la!)

 Sorry if this one is a little... umm... graphic. But I just wanted to capture what the mousse looked like ok!!! It's the tanning mousse, I promise!

 Straight after application on one leg.

One hour after application on one leg. 


Two hours later, (after tanning the other leg and showering) two golden pins!

So hopefully this has been helpful if you are looking for a great, yet affordable, self tan! 
The lovely ladies over at Cocoa Brown have also sent me a bottle + mit for one of you to win!  All you have to do is be following me on Bloglovin and then there are other options below to enter and increase your chances of winning! I've opened the competition for 2 weeks, good luck!

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