After throwing a few emails back and fourth with the company, and recieving my beautiful mint watch from them a day prior, after returning back to London last Friday I headed to Westfields to meet with the girls of Olivia Burton.
I wish I'd known about Olivia Burton, as they would have been a really good company to reccomend for Mother's day gifts!
Their new collection is so elegant, and incorporates a lot of lovely pastels! 

Another dreamy watch I have my eye on!

Below is the gorgeous watch I originally recieved, which you can pick up here. I adore it! If you haven't already seen, I've posted a minty outfit previously this week and it has some other photos of this watch.

As I left the event to go pick up some dinner, the girls gave me a 'blogger goodie bag'. I forgot all about it until we sat down for dinner and I remembered to look inside. To my delight I found this this beautiful pink watch! I was actually torn between this one, this lilac one and the mint that I chose originally when I first was offered to pick one! It is such a beautiful piece and be found here! The perks of blogging, eh!