The week before last I was lucky enough to be invited to the VERY #VIP SS14 event.

The new collections looked lovely, and we were encouraged to have a little dress up in them and to keep our favourite items! I was a little more adventurous than just my normal 'pastel look', choosing a monochrome two piece and adding a pop of colour with a yellow bag.

Arabella not seeming too keen on how her photos turned out...

I brought my friend from back home with me too as she was staying for a couple days at my flat, you can see her here having her eyebrows threaded haha! (She is going to kill me...) She has recently started blogging so head over to and show her some love!

 The very lovely Darren Webster also fixed my hair into these loose curls!


Stupid me had no idea this was Vanessa from The Saturdays!!!!

Here is a shameless brag about what was in the goodie bag! After Darren had curled my hair I knew I was going to have to buy that curler, and lucky for me it was in my goodie bag!

Here is the outfit I chose. Sorry about the whole ugly-looking-like-a-man thing I have going on... The photographer took a number of photos, and after objecting to having any from this side (my bad side!!!) this one was the one uploaded! Hideous.


And here is me styling the gorgeous yellow jacket which I came away from the event with! You can get your own here!