It is a proven fact that pizza is delicious, but it is also proven that pizza is notorious for having billions of calories... (well, almost!)
As you may know, since September I have been on road to fitness and that desired VS Angel body... so pizza has been off of my list of foods. I slipped off of the rails slightly last week, so this week I've been back on track and stricter than ever.
I thought I'd share with you guys a healthy pizza alternative that I have been loving! It's super easy to make (hey, of course it is, I can make it!!!) and fills you up a treat without that guilty pizza coma which comes after a Dominos...

All you need is pitta bread (you can go wholemeal if you're feeling particularly healthy), tomato puree, a topping of choice (I went for ham, but you could go olives, chicken, pineapple... etc) and low fat cheese (I went without cheese as I'm being super strict!)

It just takes a couple minutes under the grill to get the tomato warm, pitta doughy and cheese melted... and then it's time to eat!