After Mark from blink-182 (yes the casual name drop was necessary) alerted me that the cherry blossom was finally out at Albert's Memorial, I decided a trip to South Kensington to photograph this outfit was needed!
My flatmate said to me on seeing these shoes 'normal shoes???' and looked puzzled... do you all not think my shoes are not normal too?! Well either way, after picking this bloody beautiful tan, white and pink bag from LAMODA (found here for only £20!!!! Also in a blue and full tan may I add...) I decided it was time to revisit tan shoes. I used to own loads but grew out of them... not literally, my feet aren't freakishly big, well they are, but they have been for a few years now and I do hope they don't grow anymore! I've decided to embrace the tan and picked these ones up from Linzis (you will be seeing a lot more of me wearing shoes from there, that's all I'm saying, so keep your eyes peeled!) ...and they can be found here for a very reasonable £25!

My blazer you may recognise from the other day, and is my new favourite from Pretty Little Things (found here.)

And for the dress, wow the dress... Let's all take a moment to appreciate this beautiful creation. I was lucky enough to be sent two dresses this week, all the way from down under! If you haven't heard of Style Jury Fashion, like myself before last week, seriously check them out as they have some very affordable beautiful pieces, and they took less than 5 days to arrive! This one in particular can be found here (the model does it more justice, I was having a chubby, unphotogenic day ha!).
If you do order anything from Style Jury, I have a cheeky treat for you all - 'save20' will get you 20% off your order! You can thank me later.

I have a few bits of jewellery on too - bracelets can be found here at Chelsea Doll and my earrings are by Vintage Styler and can be found here