Not only am I wearing the extra chub accumulated over Easter (yes, thank you for the massive 'Pastel Princess' egg LAMODA!!) but I am also wearing this adorable dress sent to me by Missguided in my Easter treats box. I picked it as although here I've dressed it down, it can also be a nice dress for special occasions - if any of you girls have a prom coming up maybe? Versatile. As you can probably see, I do not have the boobage for it, oh woe is me, but I still love it regardless! 

MY HAIR?! It is different!! I've decided to spice things up a bit, as I wear my hair down and boring everyday. As you've probably noticed I've started occasionally curling it, but now I've got one step further. I absolutely hate wearing my hair up, I feel so insecure about it so no nasty comments about me looking like an egg please (yes, my boyfriend often reminds me without hair I look like an egg!). I'm going for the Olsen twin/Princess Leia vibe here, what do you think? How adventurous of me, huh.

The jacket is my trusty vintage Levi, boots Vagabond AND no my Grafea has not changed colour... I have oh so luckily been sent another!!! Although I love my pink one, this will be so much more versatile! LOOK HOW GOOD LOOKING IT IS?!