By 'Pink Lady', let me just clarify I mean like one of the pink wearing girls from Grease and not a type of apple (I'm sure you all needed clarification on that!).

This outfit for some reason got me a lot of attention, whether it was the eye drawing shoes or the short cut dress I don't know... either way I felt a sassy little diva wearing it yesterday.

The dress was a bargain Missguided sale purchase, £11 I do believe!! And I love it. It's very feminine and can be jazzed up with colours or left simple. 

The jacket is my new love! Everybody is asking where this is from!! Well my friends, it is from Boohoo for only £30! Such a bargain, and if you fancy the zipped version it is only £25! It's a faux leather material, bomber cut with cute little white poppers. You are definitely going to be seeing more of this jacket, that's all I'm saying!  Found here.

The shoes are from Daisy Street - how amazing are these?!! I'm aware they won't be everybody's cup of tea due to the whole anti-chunky shoe people out there, but from what I can tell from instagram, most of you love these as much as I do! I actually was quite apprehensive about how I would walk in these, but they were surprisingly comfy! They stay on your feet too (another issue my brain worried about), but no they are a great pair of shoes!  Found here.

And of course the bag is my beloved Grafea number... I am so excited to announce I'm being sent another of these beautiful bags this week so keep your eyes peeled! Any guesses on what colour I've gone for now after owning this beautiful pink one? Found here.