So I definitely think I have a milk maid vibe going on here, although I hope this milk maid is a little sassy!

I picked up this top at Topshop Oxford Circus after work last Saturday and have been dying to debut it on here! It really makes it feel like summer is on the way! I love how I'm not freezing my butt off anymore, yay for spring, and yay for the clocks giving us an extra (blogging) hour of daylight!

I've paired it with my vintage Levi jacket (mine was from eBay for around £30) and these cigarette trousers from Missguided which were £21.99 - such a bargain! They're not usually this cropped, however I turned them up so they didn't clash with the band of my sandals! I have recieved many positive comments on them, so I think you should all buy them too if you're loving the white trouser look like me recently! 

You find my much talked about shoes here also, and they are £45 from ASOS!