Sorry for the apparent lack of enthusiam in my face in these photos... I was nursing a rather bad hangover and also was burdened with puffy eyes from hayfever!!! That's where the sunglasses came in handy, although I'd already planned on wearing them and showing you guys, I actually needed them without my eyes looking like they were surrounded by two black holes from lack of sleep! (Ok sorry I've finished with my life story.)

Either way how cool are these sunglasses? I'm not really a sunglasses person... I mean I love them, just not on me. I always look ridiculous in them, however I actually like these! The lovely ladies at LAMODA sent me them and you can get them here for the bargain price of £4.50.

The skirt is also something I wanted to show you all as it was another bargain buy from Primark... £8!!!! It looks better on me on a regular day, this day in particular I think everything was a struggle... and it appears my skirt is twisted, my bad! 

I've just paired it with a few Topshop items, the lilac top is online right now for about £8 I think, you've probably seen I have it in pink too! They're just pretty versitile, likewise the shoes are still available for £75. However the kimono I got before Christmas, so could be worth trying eBay!