Sorry if these photos are a bit too leggy for you! These shorts definitely don't leave much to the imagination, however, how beautiful are they?! They remind me if the AA ones all the cool kids (minus me) had last summer, but for a fraction of the price.  You can buy them here for £28, or you can head over to their instagram @southbswim where you can win them and a bikini which I also picked!
I sized up in these to avoid any bum, and I think that was a good shout! They are a nice stretch, comfy, material though, I would super recommend. The side shots make my legs look like they're about to go off and run a marathon, or beat somebody up. I almost mistook myself for Arnold Schwarzenegger at first glance when they uploaded...

My jumper is another favourite by the amazing PLT! This was one of the items from my bundle from last week, and I literally haven't taken it off! It is such a nice colour and fit, and as a bonus for you guys it doesn't break the bank either! It is only £15 and can be found here.

This geometric bag has made a come back onto the blog and is still available at River Island here for £45 (still not over this!) and the jellies are by JUJU.

You may also notice my super cute earrings and necklace combo I've got going on. I hope I'm not giving off a Pat Butcher vibe with my new found bling, but I think I can get away with it anyway as they're so elegant! You can pick them and many other precious pieces up over at Vintage Styler!
Cute pastel bracelets are again by Chelsea Doll, along with my beautiful Olivia Burton pink watch which can be found here.