So if you've been following my blog a while, you may be thinking 'hey that looks familiar'... well because it is! I had the shorts version of this set back in February, and if you scroll back you can see a chubbier Charlotte wearing them! I now own this cute (and more flattering) skirt version by PLT! It is actually on sale at the moment so grab it whilst you can, it's really beautiful, and even if you don't have the matching top (mine was from Boohoo) it goes equally well with a yellow jumper such as this one which was only £10, also by Boohoo (which can be found here). 

I was going to reshoot these photos as it turns out I'm increasingly featuring more animals on my blog. But hey ho, he's working it. Renard, my sister's cat, loved the camera and I couldn't keep him away! He outshines me a little, but the show must go on!