How beautiful is all the blossom out right now?! (Sorry if you live somewhere without blossom...)
I headed over to St James's to see the squirrels (don't judge me!) and ended up taking countless photos there as the blossom perfectly matched my outfit! 

ALSO GUESS WHAT?!?!? I put my arm out and about 4 pigeons flew over and landed on me!!! Either they thought I was Snow White, OR they thought I was a comfy tree. I'm going for Snow White, but hey you're entitled to your own opinion. Most flew off before there was much photo evidence but I have attached one just incase you doubted my pigeon whispering abilities. Some of you will be soo grossed out by the whole pigeon thing, but I love little animals, disease ridden or not...

Anyway, the outfit! I am wearing my new two piece from Topshop! It isn't out online yet from what I can tell (I got it from the Oxford Circus store Saturday) so keep checking 'new in'! It was reasonably priced for Topshop I think!!! £16 for the top and £22 for the skirt! I love it on, I think it is very flattering and can be dressed up or down.

I've paired it with this gorgeous gorgeous GORGEOUS blazer/jacket sent to me by the lovely girls at Once Upon A Time Vintage. It has the whole padded shoulder thang going on, so I mean business when wearing it.

The shoes are my Vagabonds (I'm sure you've all seen those!!) and the bag is this gorgeous white one sent to me by LAMODA, such a bargain!

Also, you may notice I finally am wearing a different pair of earrings! You can find them and lovely other goodies at Chelsea Doll! They sent me a few cheeky items so expect to see a lot more of them!