So at the end of this post I've included a cute photo of what was going on whilst these photos were being taken. It was hard to concentrate and operate my bloggy poses whilst a huge fight was going on a few meters away, however this is how committed I am... eventually the police turned up, with a film crew, so that added for more entertainment! Maybe I'll make it into the background of a cop show in the princess dress?

You may remember a couple weeks ago me featuring a beautiful off-the-shoulder dress by Jones & Jones, well here is another masterpiece! I really love these dresses and find them a perfect fit on me. This is the 8 and it's perfect, however size up if you have larger boobies! I have dressed this down, but it would make a great prom dress, or graduation dress etc. I don't by any means think I look 'casual' but I definitely think with heels and a little clutch, this would look more occasional!

I've paired it with my floral bomber from Boohoo, I recently had to get another blue/orange coloured version of this (this one!) because I've been so inseparable from it and my all time favourite shoes from Pretty Little Thing! 

What is that gorgeous leather bag I here you ask???!! Well my friends, just when I thought I couldn't love Grafea anymore, they send me this! It's soon to be released and I think will be slightly cheaper than the backpacks, so it could appeal to those of you who are lusting over one, but are on a budget! I love this bag- as always it is amazing quality, but I find this one so cute and such a perfect size!

Just a little idea of what was going on in the same park I was taking these photos in... yep, that's a film crew and yep that's a man getting arrested.

Jacket: Boohoo (Similar in stock in smaller sizes here)