Ah, what potential this outfit had, but ah, what the British weather spoiled! 

What's going on with your hair in these photos Charlotte, is it wet? Yes it's bloody wet! Prior to these photographs I had spent the good part of an hour curling my hair, and just as I started taking these photos, the skies opened and left my hair like this. This damp, sticky from hairspray, frizzy, mess. The rain actually only stuck around for about 5 minutes, and then the sun came back out brighter than ever, but by then the damage was done!! (Proof of how my hair originally looked...)

Due to the temperamental weather, the lighting is also all over the show, I'm sorry. I'm almost shedding a tear whilst writing this, as these photos had such potential in my head... and to make things worse, I dragged my ill boyfriend from his deathbed to take them (by deathbed, he was acting as if he was dying, but really it was a post Great Escape Weekend virus of some sort...)! Alas, the show must go on and I had a very 90s, Fresh Prince, outfit to share with you all regardless, including my new jelly shoe hybrids and gorgeous Grafea bag!

I'm loving anything tropical, bright and printed right now, I'm like a moth to a flame! Boohoo have some amazing trend sections up on their website at the moment, my favourites are block brights and hyper florals, which is where I found these trousers and this incredible jacket. The trousers I love, but found have come up a little big on the waist, so I would suggest sizing down if your leg to waist ratio is like mine! I don't mind the looser fit though, it gave my outfit more of that sports luxe feel with the bomber! I can't get over the fact that the bomber is only £20 too?! Amazing!

The vest really broke the bank... £3 from Primark! You can't see from these photos, but it's a very loose fitted vest with low hanging arm holes. Hanging arm holes??? Is that what they're called?!?!? You'll hopefully know what I mean.

The shoes were an absolute must. You all know I love jelly shoes, so for me these are like a hybrid for more socially acceptable times. The jelly shoe heels, amazing. They're also an incredible colour. I spent my Topshop voucher, from the event the other night, on them, so thank you very much Topshop for these!

Last but not least, this incredible bag. Yes, I have another Grafea, and yes I realise it's beautiful and I'm very lucky!!! I just love the colour of this one and think it ties in so nicely with the lilac on the bomber. 

Jacket: Boohoo (Similar in stock in smaller sizes here)
Top: Primark