I often get asked on instagram to show what I wear on nights out. I'm very fussy about what I post, so it is likely drunken photos don't make it onto my instagram, or they do and are deleted when I notice the damage the next day! 
There is a fine line with me between day time wear and going out wear, as I'm not afraid to walk around in the day, looking like I have something important to do, when really I'm just picking up some carrots from Sainsbury's... 
I just feel like I can get away with dressing even more standing out-y for nights out, which is where this whole Barbie pink block of colour comes in! In the day this would be slightly too attention seeking, even for myself, but if I'm out? Whole different ball game! In clubs you see enough LBDs to last you a lifetime, so I try and spice things up a bit... by dressing obnoxiously pink! 

The dress is by So In Fashion, really love the neckline, but this could equally be dressed down for daytime wear.
The blazer is part of a two piece suity thing from Primark... you may have seen it on my instagram, but I did blog it and then hated all the photos, so I may reshoot those another date! 
The shoes are by Linzi, a glorious colour which matches perfectly with the dress and the bag is by Vintage Styler!

Blazer: Primark