Sorry guys, the pastel queen is hanging up her crown! I hope you all still like me in colour!! Haha well, that is a little dramatic, but as you can see I'm wearing red... that's a new one for me. Right now I'm loving the red and pink combination. So expect to see more of it! 
The focus here is on these incredible trousers! Missguided you have outdone yourself with these printed beauties. The model on the site wears them baggy, but due to my waist to leg ratio, mine have come up as cigarette trousers... but I'm loving that! Alternatively I think they'd look amazing with a blue crop, I'm sure I'll be experimenting. They're such a nice silky material too! Brb whilst I marry them. 
Coat is a Topshop number I picked up in the sale last autumn, it is a size 6... but hey, I don't want the ability to do it up anyway ok! 
Top is a Missguided sale number, I think this was £2.99?!?!? Sandals are ASOS and the lovely bag once again is Grafea.

Also funny story, it's actually pouring with rain here!! I'm seeking cover under a big tree whilst my boyfriend gets soaked taking them quickly. Dedication to blogging guys, dedication!

Top: Missguided (similar here and here