Ok so I'm perfectly aware these shorts are incredibly short, and cross the line slightly into butt land... but until I saw the photos I had no idea!!! (Damn you university room for no full length mirror!!) So rest assured I will think carefully about ever wearing them again out in public!

I'm super ill in these photos (I know, dedication to blogging) so please ignore my umm... ill-looking-ness and lack of overly sassy poses like normal. However what better way to brighten up a dull looking ill completion, than by yellow?! 

I'm rocking the double silk effect here with the silky sports luxe Topshop shorts, and then this beautiful Pretty Little Thing lightweight silk sweater. The shoes are another Pretty Little Thing favourite and remind me of my white ASOS half penny shoes which you all love but are sadly sold out!

And of course, I know it would have caught your attention. The beaming sun-like Grafea bag. Yes- another one, I now feel like an outfit is incomplete without a matching Grafea?! I think this has to be my favourite so far!