So if I'm quite honest I don't really think this beautiful creation of a dress, by the lovely Jones & Jones, needs accessorising. It is so effortlessly beautiful and I think would make a lovely occasional dress- for example a prom/formal etc. My hair again is some more inspiration if you do have an event coming up, it was created by the amazing Cheeky Parlour in Shoreditch, prior that day, for my Miss Selfridge event. (I curled the ends to make it a little more elegant!)

On this occasion though I was going for a picnic style dinner with a friend, so I've slightly dressed it down. I'm wearing my new favourite scuba jacket by PLT (who are getting it soo right at the moment!) ...I have a lot of time for the gold hardware on it. 
Rather than full on heels, I'm wearing these platforms by ASOS and just my white Grafea rucksack instead of a cute girly clutch.

It's always nice to dress up a little and have your hair made up, from time to time! Dress wise I would consider sizing up if you have a larger chest. Fortunately (or unfortunately) for me I'm flat as a pancake, so the 8 was a perfect fit, but just keep that in mind!