Sorry for the overload of photos, but I really LOVE this outfit. I never used to think I could pull off orange, but after recently thinking 'why the hell not', I've been obsessed! And of course, wearing orange gives me an excuse to whip out my gorgeous little orange Olivia Burton!

So after I posted an 'outfit selfie' on instagram yesterday, people went crazy for these jeans... and quite rightly so! They work out about £11 which is a bargain. They are from China, so you can pay an additional $15 to get them within the next week and a half, or free delivery if you are prepared to wait 3 weeks! Again, I always find Chinese sizes come up TINY!! I'm W26 L34 in Topshop jeans, and I've ordered the large!!! You can't see well here but they are very large on the waist, but still quite snug on the legs! So if in doubt size up and you can always wear a belt, like I intend to do!

Loving this little crop from Missguided with it's cheeky back! I think it probably would look better on somebody with a more feminine back though... mine looks hench?!  But I do think it goes so well with this Boohoo bomber, which of course I had to buy after loving my other one so much! These turquoise JuJu's funnily enough were a perfect match to the jacket, so I've thrown them on  to complete the casual summery look!