Sorry for the alarming amount of flesh on show (and all the butt shots), but surprisingly it wasn't chilly at all this afternoon, quite pleasant in the sunshine actually, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to shoot this outfit without looking like one big goosebump, and even more crazy than normal to any on-lookers. 

I am desperate for the two piece of the print of the top to come out, it looks incredible! But for now I couldn't help but get this version, even if it isn't very forgiving on my tiny boobies! It is a really nice top to be fair, especially worth it for only £20! I know a lot of people have been asking me for 'festival fashion advice' so I'd suggest an outfit like this! Shorts are always good as you always keep your dignity, even after a few drinks, and highwasited shorts are even better as they hide the big tummy you will get from all the crepe/waffle/burger/burrito vans! Jelly shoes are essentially wellies for your feet to breath... sort of... but they aren't particularly protective if you are thinking of pushing your way deep into a crowd! 

These shorts are the 'mom' style by Pretty Little Thing, another amazing item I've received from them recently! I really love these and would suggest staying true to size, as usually I size up for mom jeans, but found I didn't need to for these! They're only £22 also which I think is such a bargain, and a far cry from what you would pay on the highstreet!