So as a few of you may already know, myself, my friend Emily and a couple other bloggers were all invited along to shoot with Lauren Pope for her new collection with In The Style. This was a few weeks ago now, and now the collection has officially launched!

When shooting, the items were all samples, so it was more or less wear everything which fit/you felt comfortable in... however I will be picking my favourite items (in my size!) to style and blog, so you can get more of a true representation of what I'm loving from the collection. (The pink suit!!!!! ...cough, cough.)

And yes, Lauren Pope is a new girl crush of mine... she's even better looking in real life, so take a moment to appreciate that! I look forward to continuing to work with her and In The Style to follow the journey of the brand's success! 

At the official launch last week... I decided to dress as a circus apparently!: