Sorry if you're sick of seeing pink... I promise I wear other colours too, and have photographic evidence to share with you this week!
This again is just a casual outfit for out and about in London last week, super girly but toughened up slightly with ripped jeans. These are the boyfriend jeans from PLT, if you've been around 'ere for a while you may remember that I own the black pair - so it was only fair I got my hands on the white too! Like I said about the black pair, I did size up, so if in doubt do the same - these are the 10!

The cardigan I'm surprised is still alive after the Isle of Wight festival and the consecutive wearing! Just such a nice casual cardigan and a nice non-clashing pink. The floral top is actually in a 6 as even though the other sizes were sold out, I was still adamant I needed it, but as you can see it still fitted nicely!

The bag is of course my favourite little barrel from Grafea, and the shoes were originally by LAMODA, but are now unfortunately sold out so I'll add a link to them elsewhere in stock too!

Shoes: LAMODA (in stock here)