If you follow me on instagram you will be sure to know that I've been on my home island this weekend, for the Isle of Wight Festival!!! I had an amazing time, and thankfully the weather was beautiful (that makes and breaks a festival for me!). 

I was busy snapping other people's outfits for Olivia Burton, but in-between that, dancing crazy and consuming a disgusting amount of alcohol, I also shot a few of my outfits! (The Sunday was my boyfriend's 21st, and we had a few sherbets at lunchtime so unfortunately I was in no fit state for photos that afternoon... but the other days I shall blog!)

Missguided well and truly suited and booted me for the festival season, and this outfit is a perfect example of the gorgeous things they have available right now. As I've mentioned before, I love mixing red and pink right now. Red was always a no no colour for me as I thought it clashed with my constant pinks, but I now love finding ways to make these colours work and I think this is a perfect example!

The two piece is of a higher quality than the standard Missguided sets (they're not usually of low quality, however this one looks and feels much more expensive than it is and any other sets I own from them) and I found the cut to be surprisingly flattering, despite being so skimpy! The pink cardigan is also Missguided and I have literally been living in it since it arrived!

Grafea also provided me with this gorgeous red rucksack, with Red Hot Sunglasses sending me a festival survival pack... including these amazing Miu Miu cat eye sunglasses! (Better photos to come!!)

...and of course, my festival looks wouldn't be complete without a pair of Doc Martens!

Here's also a similar look, but with me holding the moon up...